The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and a new year is here. Spring is a chance to start again, a testament to the hope of eternal youth and an ever green spring. A proper spring interior design must reflect the outside world inside the home. The feeling of spring should be reflected in your decorating, designing, and most importantly, cleanliness.

Even a perfectly orchestrated interior will fall short of satisfaction if things are left unclean. Spring cleaning is a necessary evil to keep your house looking fresh and young. Planning is the most important aspect of spring cleaning that one needs to keep in mind. Usually, the best attack is to clean the hard to reach places first, and then move to the simple things such as dusting or mopping. One area of the house, however, poses an imminent challenge, the bathroom.

The bathroom is indeed a hotbed for the buildup of unsightly debris. The shower is especially privy to mildew build up on calk.  In order to remove caulk mildew it is wise to secure a few supplies before you attempt to do so. The most essential tool is conveniently named a caulk remover, which allows users to scrape caulk from the tub. Also, bleach is helpful for fragmenting the caulk mildew that accumulates in the tub. For those with a more “green” approach, we recommend vinegar. This will remove any caulk accumulation in your tub and keep you feeling fresh during the invigorating spring months.

Keep in mind that when removing mildew from caulk you may destroy some of the existing sealant in your tub. In the case of this event, head to your local hardware store and purchase a tube of bathroom caulk. Patch up the diminished areas, and voila, you are ready for spring.