Meet our head designer: Fran Hasslacher

Although Fran has taken on many projects and tasks, her true passion has always been design. She began by studying Photo journalism at NAU in Flagstaff and then went on to receive her degree in Interior Design, she then helped run and operate a tax, accounting, investment firm while still doing design work in her spare time. Her business sense and experience combined with her design back round has allowed her to open her first store.
Fran focuses her energy on keeping up with the trends. Creating timeless designs is her goal. Thriving on the collaborative experience of working closely with the client she has earned many accolades by the numerous referrals she has received.


Design Philosophy…


Commercial Design

Just as a well- designed website and marketing campaign is crucial to the success of your business, a well-designed space has to be equally effective. The space needs to be a reflection of the quality and service you provide to your client. Your commercial space should give your clients a feeling of comfort, it should have an inviting flow and it should be a place that your clients are safe, and also cultivate the feeling that your business is permanent and here to stay.

Residential Design

Your home should be a reflection of you, your lifestyle and the people who live there. Your home should be the place you feel most safe, comfortable and secure. By surrounding yourself with the things you love, you will achieve that sense. For some, it may be family photos, for others maybe it is items they have collected on travels or along the way. Whatever the case, as long as the look is well pulled together you will achieve a home that you love coming home to, spending time and sharing with friends and family.


You can reach Fran directly at