Whether you are wishing to sell a home or simply hoping to increase its value, one thing is certain and that is that smart design trends can help in adding value to any home or living space. One of the best ways to enhance the value of a home is to choose quality as compared to quantity. Quality materials, quality design pieces and art pieces as well as carefully chosen furniture can serve to make a home far more valuable.

This Will Ensure A Maximum Return On Investment

Another important aspect of enhancing the value of a home is to simply avoid “flavor of the day” design trends. In other words, choose interior design pieces that will stand the test of time. In addition, when remodeling it is important to choose flooring, countertops and kitchen fixtures as well as bathroom fixtures that will not become dated in a few short years. This will ensure a maximum return on investment when enhancing the interior beauty of any home. Another way to avoid “dating” a space is to use custom-made cabinets and modern appliances.

A Spiral Staircase Or A Unique Closet Organizing System

One way to enjoy the best return on investment when remodeling or renovating a home is to focus on the kitchen and bathroom. In addition, it is also a good idea to add unique and innovative elements that will introduce some level of drama into the space. Whether it is a spiral staircase or a unique closet organizing system, the special little touches can make all the difference when trying to enhance the value of a home.

Envision Their Own Particular Taste

Finally, when it comes to color, neutral is always better. While a bold red wall may be exciting to one person it certainly may not be exciting to a buyer. To enhance the value of the home stay with neutral colors and natural earth tones. This will enable those considering a purchase to better envision their own particular taste. As an added note, it is a good idea to always showcase the natural light that is present in a home. Enhancing windows and sliding glass doors with impressive window treatments can go far in creating a more valuable space. Contact Aesthetics Interior Design today for the best in Phoenix interior design services.