Every home or office deserves premier interior design concepts as a way to make a space more inviting and more welcoming. That said there are some basic interior design tips that every homeowner and business owner should consider as a way to make a space far more appealing. For example, one simple way to beautify a room is to consider using crown molding. Enhancing ceiling edges and baseboards in any room can change the entire dynamics of the space.

Refrain From Using Dark Colors

In addition, one of the easiest ways to create the illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is involves making full use of mirrors. Lighter monochromatic colors when combined with mirrors can create the illusion that a space is far bigger than it actually is in terms of square footage. Those wishing to achieve this type of results should refrain from using dark colors such as deep red and dark green. These colors will work in the opposite way causing a space to look smaller than it actually is in square footage.

When The Lights Are Used

One simple trick to enhance an interior space is to avoid using glossy paint when painting the ceiling. This will detract from the overall feel of a room and cause imperfections in the ceiling to stand out when the lights are used. Another great way to enhance a space is to always hang pictures at eye level. Hanging a picture or piece of artwork too high or too low can distract the eye and cause a room to seem imbalanced. Another great way to enhance a space is to make ample use of throw rugs and area rugs.

Other Textiles Can Be Used

Rooms with hardwood flooring, marble or tile are especially accommodating when it comes to a wide variety of area rugs. Other textiles can be used throughout the room to enhance the space as well. This includes using high quality tapestries in place of pictures and artwork. Tapestries are typically hand woven and provide a level of texture that is not found in other types of wall hangings. Consumers have many choices when it comes to high quality tapestries. Some tapestries are even produced in Belgium and can be passed on through generations. Contact Aesthetics Interior Design today for Phoenix interior design services that are always a cut above.